Monday, September 3, 2007

Welcome to my Insane Mind....

Dear Person,

Here's something I penned yesterday....

people have died

but i feel numb

there's no more emotion left inside

maybe if i try hard enough

i can squeeze the last vestige of sanity i have

but i'm in no mood to try

just shut myself up

in this loony bin in my mind

it won;t go away

it;s here to stay

this numbness in this crazed mind of mine

caught up in myself

a whirlwind of despair

the cogs in my brain

desperately in need of repair

but then the shell is gone

i have nowhere to run

stuck in this hell i'm facing alone

stuck in this hell i'm facing alone

become like ice

hard and strong

don;t run'll really fall down

Your truly

Just Another Unknwon Person

With Problems

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Anonymous said...

Write some more!!!