Monday, August 27, 2007


Dear Person,

The Night Before:

I was never one to mingle freely with people. I preferred to watch or observe people from the sidelines. I never actually understood what people found in groups...there were so many groups of friends I'd observed, smiles on their faces, camaraderie heavy in the air. Well that was how it was on the night we were to leave for Pondi.

I had tried to get out of this trip as much as I could. I had other for one, which I hated leaving behind. Missing as many classes as I would, meant that I wouldn't be allowed to come back or catch up. But then my choice had been hadn't been my choice to make. I watched everybody else....all these people I knew...but hadn't got the guts to talk to. I stood by mom, hiding behind her, like this kinder-garden child. And in many ways I was a kinder-garden child...This would be the first time I'd be leaving with a group of people, most of whom I knew only by face. I was terrified.

I went outside and felt mom's side after bidding her goodbye finally. Then I went to hang with Ashish and Sajo. They were my teams mates and the only people I felt comfortable with. So we talked for a while. I started to get to know the others a bit better. The music and dance teams went ahead, so us Lit. dudes were left behind. The bus turned up at 11.30 instead of 10, but since Chandy sir was with us, it made sense. even last time with Chandy sir, the bus failed to turn up on time (no offense to sir.) We practiced DC and then moved on to what's the good word. Then I met Tia...she seemed really nice.

The bus finally arrived.....I'd been wondering how we would get to Pondi or's might not have been an option. When we got in, Sajo sat in a single seater and Ashish sat next to me in the double seats. I tried my best not to fall asleep, but I was really dozing off. Every time I successfully managed to doze off, Ashish would go "Maya! Are you sleeping?!?" and wake me up.....or Sajo would say "Maya!" so was annoying. Finally they let me sleep. I was kinda pleased they gave me so much attention, I had really thought I'd feel left out, but it was real fun. And well when i woke up in the middle of the night as I am wont to do....I found Ashish asleep. Unfortunately, Glint (my bitchy side) was asleep, so I didn't have the heart to wake him. I remember falling asleep with a smile...Maybe....just maybe....this would be fun....

Yours truly
Just Another Person With Hope

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