Sunday, August 26, 2007

To the Assholes of the World.....

This was what I wanted to say to someone during a presentation:

Hey, you there! I see you....sitting there, smirking that silly smirk of yours, thinking you know it all! You think you can mock me? Your smirk's slipped off...are you scared? You mouth a cuss at me, thinking I'll stop. but look at me, I'm smiling! I'm smiling because I'm amused that it's all you can say! "Cuss" words are your only weapons aren't they? Step up, my man/woman, step up and make my speech for me....What? You can't? Why not? have no idea what to say?

If that's true, then why do you sit there trying to put other people down? It's your insecurity, isn't it? It's just you trying to convince yourself that you aren't worthless, isn't it?'re turning it with rage or pain? Or even shame? You don't want to admit it, do you, kid? Yeah I'm calling you kid! If you don't like it, step up and say something! See you don't have the guts to do it now with all eyes on you! Anyone who acts like you deserves to be called a kid! Kids are unfortunately the only ones who can behave like monkeys and get away with....well sometimes pretty girls can too! I'm sorry for're neither!

You don't like being singled out do you? Oh poor you! you didn't think this would happen when you sat there smirking did you? Take it as a lesson, asshole! Yes that's what you are! Even your mother might agree! Oh well that's you....if you don't mind, shall i get on with my speech? Thank you! And don't you dare let the smirk show up again! So.....people, as I was Saying................

and the speech continues. If only I'd actually done this then!! Oh well....I look forward to next time.

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