Monday, August 13, 2007

Kissing at Internet Cafe's

Should kissing at internet cafe's be allowed? Of course!! What is the good of an internet cafe with clear data procedures and bolts on the doors, if you can't even get a good make out session in the cubicles? What is the bloody point? You sit there with your bf wanting him almost to a "ravish" level but you can do nothing about it! and they still get paid, dammit!!!!!!!!

I want to KISS HIM......bloody pissing of cafe's with bad doors....people could be watching porn in here....I bet they want to peek at it!! Bitches!! No one understands the mentality of Indian couples.....I mean throw a couple of motels here and there with good bedding and food at least. I mean how can they not understand that when they provide nice yummy cubicles, steamy make out sessions will take place without fail? It is painful!! Well in a way I guess it's fine because it is INDIA after all!!

Okay now coming to another point.....why is kissing at internet cafe's bad? Because, firstly it's a public space. Secondly the cubicles are too small and people end up either bumping your head somewhere or you shove an elbow into your person's face!! Gods really.....and you pay for these sessions!! I mean really just for one hot kiss why must people pay?? Maybe if they paid to go further it would be okay? I dunno....I'm not losing my virginity to anybody!! That's all I have to say!!

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anubhav said...

this is one kkrrrrrazzzzyyy gurl!!!!!