Sunday, August 5, 2007

Going Somewhere?

Dear Person,

What the hell does it mean when you are asked "Do you think your relationship is going somewhere?" In, college, where is your relationship going to go? Isn't it just to have fun? I mean, it is a bit serious because there's emotional involvement, but why do we have to plan where we want it go? Or how it is "supposed" to go? Is an intense and happy relationship which lasts for about four days randomly in seven years with some contact over the phone inferior in anyway to a long and dull relationship which had been constant for several years? Isn't it the memories and emotions that really matter?

An example would be... well Anya...she was was happier for the few months she spent with Leo than the years she spent with an ex... and maybe the few hours that I've spent with Sei or that short stretch of time when I liked a man I couldn't even communicate with in Nepal really is better than the two years I spent with S. A Relationship....and I'm talking about a good SOLID relationship should be stable (in a way) and be able to fulfill most of the needs of both partners...of course it ain't gonna be a long happy journey in the happy tropical sun throughout! Every relationship has it's ups and downs. Even if I sit down and plan every moment of it it isn't going to go according to plan. Even if the question refers to the vibes I'm getting, maybe it'll work out! How do I really know unless I've tried? If I plan for a month it might end up being years or vice-versa! Even marriages end with no reason! I don't get how a college relationship is "supposed" to go somewhere. If it does it does.....if it don't then it don't! I'll have tried!

Maybe Leo will ask her out, maybe they'll get married......maybe.....but I'm sure at this point of time or in the initial stages they won't have seen it getting there! So why is it such a big deal? I don't see anyone's relationship "going" somewhere! I just see people steering (which I'm not doing) it somewhere....if it ends up there or not is just a question of has no proper answer!!

Yours truly

Just Another Unknown Person
With A Problem.

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