Saturday, August 25, 2007

What's Stupider?

Is love stupid? Yes it is! You know why love is stupid? It's stupid because, no matter what degree it is in, you get stuck in really stuck. By love, here, I mean being IN love. You can't stop thinking about the person at the oddest of times, you grow hot and cold, you have this weird urge to impress, half the time you have no idea whats going on! [In all teenage accounts only....this has happened to me only with crushes.] Apart from that there's effort and tend to suddenly become sensitive; everything said by him/her seems true! /you loose all common sense, you really cannot get any put yourself in a perilous position where you face danger from every corner...your parents, another person, an accident, etc! Love is what people should do for adrenaline rushes! And don't forget the pain and doubt! You're either doubting could be that he/she's cheating, he/she doesn't love you, that the relationship might not work, that you aren't matching up to expectations...and the pain from each fight, each insult, each of those silly things that seem so big! Yeah so many disadvantages! So why love at all?

But isn't it stupider to never love? Hey, though it has all the disadvantages listed above it does many makes you happy, it makes you feel on top of the world and what's more? It helps make the other person feel great! I mean remember the time when he pulled out that ring and slipped it on your finger for that one year anniversary? Or when he wrapped you up in a rug and kept you warm from the cold? Or when he bought you expensive brownies and ice cream for your one month anniversary? Or even when he just held you close...and you knew that things would be fine....sigh. Maybe we'll go through shit, but what the hell? We go through shit anyway! I mean adventure sports, house cleaning, sports, music, dancing, writing....any of these things can be just as dangerous! But we don't avoid them! So why avoid love? It's cause we're scared, we freak out the moment we hear those words from our guys/girls...Stop right there. Is it cause when you love you're giving away a part of yourself? But then it's better to have loved and lost then never loved at all. So yeah it's stupid to love and its stupid not to love....which is stupider? That's your call to make! :)

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